The moon was shaking with blue waves. The voice crying in the incense of the tide never forgive to leave the youth. Even if the wind is gentle, it won't wipe her anxiety and fear. When he reached out, she reject and retreat . So their two footprints that continued on the sandy beach were separated, now.
"It's time"
She tells him with tear voice. He admited and nod. But he don't try to move from there. He looked like worried her and it seemed to be burning her into own eyes. When she turned her back to the moon not to show tears, her soft hair dyed gold. Even in such a sad night, her beauty does not change. He had no regrets, but he had no courage to leave. Will I throw my position and take her away? Such an idea goes around forever. But she will not forgive it. That is her personality.
The ship that in offshore disappears in time, and only the broken mast extends into the sky.The Navy is scouting beyond the horizon. Within a few minutes, Around herewill be the bottom of the sea.
One footprint disappeared into the waves. Time does not wait for them.
 "Hurry, please. I'm fine."
The her fake toughness made him feel heartache. He reach out to her who can't see face due to backlight, and hugged her gently. She widened her shining eyes but dosen't refused. When wrapped in his arm, she shaked her shoulder and cried as if overflowing all heart. Tears were also ran to cheek of him who comfort her.
"Loneliness is proof that our hearts are closest. You can understand it now, aren't you?"
She buryes her face in him chest and nod ded while clogging voice. He puts a forehead on her head and told as like as wish.
"Let's pray together if you feel lonely. We can meet again beyond prayer"
She said "Yes". The wind tangled to her thin voice. The tears she spilled disappeared into tide that to fills without sound.